• Who's Paying?
    Our state-of-the-art, community-
    based creditor network allows
    credit managers to ask each other,
    INSTANTLY, how their shared
    customers pay. Credit Reference reports
    are easy-to-read, comprehensive and accurate.
  • Who's NOT Paying?
    Member-generated SmartAlerts and
    RedReference Alerts automatically
    inform you the instant YOUR
    customers' credit-worthiness
    declines... before it affects you!
  • Who's violating your MAP Policy?!
    MAPP Trap is our online
    price monitoring system.
    Find out When, Where and,
    most importantly "Who"
    is devaluing your brand
    on the internet.
  • Who Needs Us?
    Any company that wants to
    protect its assets. We currently
    have networks in the Pet, Toy,
    Juvenile, Education, Game,
    Hobby, Gift and Decorative
    Plumbing/Hardware industries.

Who uses The Creditors Network

“Our company has been with The Credit Collective for many years and we now use it exclusively for our collection needs. Tools like The Credit Collective help to make my job more productive and a necessity for today's credit environment.”

- Debbie Rutledge , Credit & Collections Manager (Member since 2006)

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