Created by toy, game and educational manufacturers at the New York International Toy Fair in 2004, The Creditors Network is an innovative, online community of over 200 children’s products vendors that exchange daily credit references, alerts and sales leads concerning thousands of toy, educational, juvenile, game, craft, hobby and gift retailers.

Our dynamic, peer-to-peer intelligence gathering model makes checking credit references and getting real-time risk information on potential accounts easier, quicker and more cost-effective than ever.

The Creditors Network's unique system offers another valuable bonus: Thousands of qualified sales leads! And when you combine those leads with the community-generated credit references, it completely eliminates the bottleneck between credit and sales.

Members of The Creditors Network also benefit from ongoing collective bargaining efforts which have yielded substantial savings on credit card processing, collections and CPSIA compliance issues. We also offer dunning services and qualified mailing lists.