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MAPP Trap  - Is your advertised pricing policy being violated?

Let our proprietary search algorithm help you monitor which internet merchants are selling your products below MAP. Our daily searches of eBay, Amazon and other websites not only show you which merchants are violating their agreements, but it “traps” the violations in time and shows you “who” those merchants are. Because of our extensive database, we have been highly successful in identifying and providing contact information for these “ghost” sellers.
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Credit References  - Approve Terms Fast

Each member of The Creditors Network is placed in a Credit Circle with up to six similar companies. Credit Circle formation is based on a variety of criterion including, number of customers, gross sales per year, geographic location and market niches.

When circle members receive purchase orders from a new customer, they submit that account to the master database and their circle partners as a "Credit Reference Query". Each circle associate has an obligation to respond to that reference query with their experience within 48 hours. To do so, they complete a "Query Response Form."

In addition to showing incoming references in easy to manage, exportable excel files and printable reports, The Creditors Network also performs the following additional reference services:

    • Credit Alerts – New credit references queries automatically search The Creditors Network database for pre-existing alerts.

    • CrediFax™ – Allows members to automatically fax reference requests to non-Creditors Network members.

    • BankFax™ – Allows members to automatically fax references requests to retailers’ banks.

    • BBB Search – New credit queries automatically search The Better Business Bureau database for any information.

Credit 911 Service  - Get A Heads Up

Unfortunately, even with the best safeguards, sometimes a member may get a bad account. Our extremely effective "Credit 911" Service is an early warning system that provides you with email notice of all alerts generated by our members. Find out who is having financial difficulties, who is slow paying, and who has been sent to collections – BEFORE YOU SHIP!

The 911 Service also sends you Unalerts when a member and retail account have come to a satisfactory resolution. Credit Alerts and Unalerts are e-mailed to the Creditors Network membership at large.

Qualified Sales Leads  - A Bonus For Your Company

Identify new prospects. When queried about an account you do not already have, that information becomes a valuable lead for marketing and follow up by your sales department. Sales leads include the name, address, type of retailer, buyer name and credit references so your credit department can approve terms for potential new accounts BEFORE THEY ORDER! This innovative concept eliminates the bottleneck between your credit and sales departments.

Account Watch  - The Creditors Network Watchdog

This new service continuously monitors our system and alerts you about any negative information entered about your existing accounts. By knowing that The Creditors Network is vigilantly watching your back, you can focus on setting up new customers and increasing sales.

AccountWatch polices your accounts in the following four ways:

• RedReferences – You will be notified whenever a red reference is created about one of your accounts. This lets you look forward, while we keep a constant eye on your accounts.

• MyAccounts – You will have the ability to view the current status of your entire customer list at any time, without having to enter a query. This is a huge labor and time saver.

• SmartAlerts – You will be notified separately whenever a Credit Alert is entered about one of your accounts. This saves you time and helps you to view potential threats to your company’s existing or future cash flow.

• SmartUnalerts - You will be notified separately whenever a Credit UnAlert is entered about one of your accounts. This saves you time and helps you see how your accounts have resolved payment issues with your peers.

Retailer Mailing Lists  - Detailed, Pre-qualified Industry Lists

Increase your sales with one of our powerful databases containing over 10,000 pre-qualified specialty toy, game, educational, craft, hobby and gift retailers. Whether you're a new company and need to do a catalog mailing, or a director or sales who wants to know all the accounts in a particular territory, our lists are invaluable. Our lists include not only an account name, address, phone and fax, but also include type of store (e.g., toy, educational, gift, etc), along with the buyer's name. Credit references can be added to lists purchased by Creditors Network members.